8 Things You Never Knew You Could Rent for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful. There’s just no sugar coating it. From coordinating the venue to the catering to the bridesmaid looks, it takes a lot of time, money and patience to pull off the special celebration. But what if there were a way to make this process a little more, well, modern?

We don’t think twice about sharing anything these days–from our transportation (hello, uberPOOL!) to our vacation accommodations (Airbnb, we thank you), and it’s about time we thought about weddings with that same 21st century mindset. Yes, you can rent (almost) everything you need for your wedding. And no we’re not just talking about the cutlery and linens. Turns out there’s a whole slew of unexpected things you can borrow for your big day.

Below, discover a handful of quick, affordable and hassle-free rental solutions for the savvy bride who has better things to do than sweat the small stuff.


1. Flower Arrangements


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The food, the venue and the rings are obvious wallet crushers, but no one tells you about the secret expense of wedding floral arrangements. Flowers for the bridal bouquets, table centerpieces and decorative placements add up. Fast. Get around this throw-away cost by renting your event’s floral details. Intrigued? Check out Bloomerent for more details.


2. Props and Special Decor Touches



Renting cups, plates and cutlery is the obvious way to save on small details for your wedding. Brides who dig a little deeper know there are other pieces, such as pillows, vintage props and even bar carts, that can be borrowed to give your wedding more personality. Companies like Found Rentals and NECR are leading the charge in the space, providing couples a unique touch.


3. A Luxe, Unexpected Venue


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Want the location of your wedding to really stand out? Get creative by renting a luxurious pad either at home or abroad (because, really, who wouldn’t want their wedding in an Italian villa?!). Whether you use it for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or the ceremony itself, hosting a bash at a gorgeous abode gives the celebration an intimate feel. Check out companies like One Fine Stay, Venuelust and Airbnb to make this dream come to life in a couple clicks. (Just make sure you read the fine print and verify the property owner allows events at their home).


4. DIY Wedding Video Equipment


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Another hidden wedding headache is the video. Not only does it take a lot of energy to track down the right videographer, it’s extremely expensive to have it done right. Skip this struggle and take matters into your own hands. If you’d rather invest your budget elsewhere — say, in the photos, venue or catering — DIY your wedding video.

Raw video is becoming more and more popular, because the footage feels extremely authentic. Companies like WeddingMix and Wedit make it easy to rent cameras to set up around the event to capture the celebration from all angles. Some companies even empower you to use your iPhone. Once you have the footage, you send it back to be edited by pros. Pretty simple, right?


5. A (Handsome) Helping Hand


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Want to make sure your guests feel taken care of throughout the evening? We’ve got just the thing to make this happen. Now, believe it or not, you can rent what is called a ‘manservant,’ or an attractive man to do favors for you and your guests, like serving champagne or going as someone’s date. If you want to add a fun (and fabulous!) touch to your event, hire a manservant to worry about the little things so you don’t have to.


6. A Food Truck



For the trendy brides out there, forgo traditional catering and rent a food truck to come to your wedding. Not only will your guests be able to enjoy delicious made-on-the-spot treats, you’ll elevate the event’s Instagram-worthy factor. Using a food truck also makes clean up super easy. The mess quite literally drives away when the night is through. Can you think of anything more perfect?

When it comes to finding a vendor, look locally, especially if you want to evoke the local flavor of your event’s destination. If you’d rather keep things simple, companies like Roaming Hunger provide a database of food trucks in cities across the U.S., serving as a one-stop-shop for all your tasty food truck needs.


7. A Makeup Artist, Manicurist or Hairstylist


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We all love hitting up places like DryBar and Blushington for beauty touch ups, but come wedding day, there’s often little time to escape the craziness for a moment of peace at the salon. Get around this by having a hair stylist or makeup artist come to you…whenever you want them. Companies like Priv and Glamsquad make it possible to effectively rent your own personal beauty guru. Whether you need an updo, full face of makeup or a manicure, an on-demand professional has got you covered.


8. The Getaway Car



Are you a sucker for old Hollywood movies where the bride and groom flee the wedding in a retro car, the bride looking through the back window, waving at her guests as she heads to her romantic honeymoon? That’s not just a cinematic fantasy. Now you can rent your own getaway car through luxury transportation services. We especially love The Checker Cab service in NYC, where you can rent a vintage taxi cab! They’re perfect for photos and impressing your guests.

Now all that’s missing is your look. Rent the Runway has got you covered with a knockout rental for your wedding events, from your bridal shower to your bachelorette party. And don’t forget your guests. Head to our curated Wedding Guide to browse our full selection.


Photo credit: Bloomerent; Dress, Laundry by Shelli Segal